Birthday shooting leaves 2 dead, several injured on party bus in California – National

Two people were killed and several others injured early Tuesday in what police say was a targeted attack on a party bus filled with birthday revellers in Oakland, Calif. The large passenger bus was riddled with bullets on the highway into Oakland after midnight, according to the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office. Two people died […]

Leaked video appears to show UFO plunging under water off California – National

A newly leaked video from the U.S. navy appears to show an unidentified flying object diving into the ocean off the coast of San Diego in 2019, in a clip that officials say is authentic. The clip was released last week by documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, who also published leaked UFO videos and photos […]

Former child star Ricky Schroder berates Costco staff in anti-mask rant – National

Former child actor Ricky Schroder has apologized for arguing with a Costco employee over the store’s mask rules, in a video that he recorded and posted on his own social media channels. The original video shows Schroder berating a masked supervisor outside a Costco in California, after the supervisor refused to let him into […]

Lit cigarette, hand sanitizer ignite major car fire in Maryland – National

Don’t smoke and sanitize. Firefighters are warning the public not to mix lit cigarettes with alcohol-based hand sanitizer, after that combination ignited a dramatic vehicle fire in the parking lot of a shopping mall on Thursday in Rockville, Md. Read more: Cat survives fifth-floor jump from window of burning building The driver was holding […]

Cat survives fifth-floor jump from window of burning building – National

A black cat used up most of its luck and a few of its nine lives on Thursday when it leaped from the fifth-floor window of a burning building and landed safely on its feet. Video captured by firefighters in Chicago shows the cat’s action-movie escape, which played out during an apartment fire. Read […]

Woman wakes up to blood ‘pouring down’ from her apartment ceiling – National

NOTE: This story contains disturbing content. Please read at your own discretion. A Texas woman will have enough nightmare fuel to last a lifetime after she was jolted out of bed by drops of blood that fell on her face while she slept. Ana Cardenas initially thought the drops were water, but horror slowly […]

Pro-Trump lawmaker compares U.S. Capitol riot to ‘normal tourist visit’ – National

A Republican member of Congress compared the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol as a “normal tourist visit” on Wednesday, in a counter-factual defence of the deadly riot that former U.S. president Donald Trump helped incite. Rep. Andrew Clyde, a rookie lawmaker from Georgia, claimed there was “no insurrection” during a House Oversight […]

Crack team scrambles to clean up egg yolk spill on Italian highway – National

Humpty Dumpty’s nightmare played out on a highway in Italy on Wednesday, when several industrial containers had a great fall and spilled egg yolk everywhere at the scene of a traffic accident. Eight trucks collided in the crash near the northern city of Parma and one driver suffered a minor injury, the Gazetta di […]

Rare but deadly ‘black fungus’ adds to India’s COVID-19 struggle – National

Doctors in India are being told to watch out for an extremely rare but often deadly “black fungus” that can afflict people with severe cases of COVID-19, as the country’s healthcare system continues to buckle under the stress of the pandemic. The disease, also known as mucormycosis, infects the brain, sinuses and lungs via […]

Masked suspect accused of using ‘odd’ disguise for L.A. burglaries – National

Beverly Hills Police have charged a man suspected of pulling off at least 30 burglaries while wearing an “odd” disguise that made him look like a mop-haired white man on security cameras. Rockim Prowell, 30, of Inglewood, was arrested during a traffic stop in the Los Angeles area on May 2, after police noticed that […]