Loudest attacks on U.S. election integrity come from Trump, not Russia – National

WASHINGTON (AP) — Russia didn’t have to lift a finger. In the weeks before the U.S. presidential election, federal authorities warned that Russia or other foreign countries might spread false information about the results to discredit the legitimacy of the outcome. Turns out, the loudest megaphone for that message belonged not to Russia but […]

Russian peacekeepers guard Armenian monastery after territory ceded to Azerbaijan – National

Soldiers unloaded sandbags and monks donned khaki vests over their cassocks on Sunday after Russian peacekeepers arrived to guard the 12th century Armenian Dadivank monastery in territory due to be ceded to Azerbaijan within days. Russia has deployed troops as part of a Moscow-brokered ceasefire deal to end six weeks of fighting between ethnic […]

Armenians set fire to their homes in village ceded to Azerbaijan – National

In a bitter farewell to his home of 21 years, Garo Dadevusyan wrenched off its metal roof and prepared to set the stone house on fire. Thick smoke poured from houses that his neighbours had already torched before fleeing this ethnic Armenian village about to come under Azerbaijani control. The village is to be […]

Assad says West preventing millions of refugees from returning to Syria – National

The Syrian government is working to secure the return of millions of refugees who fled war in their country, but Western sanctions are hindering the work of state institutions, complicating those plans, President Bashar Assad said Wednesday. His comments came at the opening session of a Russia-organized two-day international conference in Damascus on the […]

Russia claims its coronavirus vaccine ‘Sputnik V’ 92% effective – National

Russia says its Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine is 92 per cent effective at protecting people from COVID-19 according to interim trial results, as the global race for a vaccine accelerates to help end the pandemic that has claimed more 1.26 million lives worldwide. Read more: Ottawa preparing to hire COVID-19 vaccine distributors for early possible […]

EU will not attend Russia-backed event on returning refugees to Syria, official says – National

The European Union said Tuesday that it will not take part in an international conference this week on the return of refugees to Syria, insisting that the first priority should be to make it safe for people to go back to the conflict-ravaged country. The two-day conference, organized by Russia and set to begin […]

Azerbaijan takes control of Nagorno-Karabakh city, shoots down Russian chopper: officials – National

Azerbaijani forces took control of a strategic city in the separatist territory of Nagorno-Karabakh and were nearing its capital, a spokesman for the region’s government confirmed Monday, and Azerbaijan said it shot down a Russian helicopter over Armenia far from the fighting. Two Russian servicemen were killed. The seizure of Shushi — which Azerbaijani […]

Putin won’t congratulate Biden until ‘legal procedures’ completed – National

Russian President Vladimir Putin won’t congratulate President-elect Joe Biden until legal challenges to the U.S. election are resolved and the result is official, the Kremlin announced Monday. Putin is one of a handful of world leaders who have not commented on Biden’s victory, which was called by major news organizations on Saturday. But President […]

Coronavirus cases soar in Russia as Europe battles increasing infections – National

Coronavirus infections hit a new high this week in Russia, while Germany and the U.K. announced plans to expand virus testing as European nations battled rapidly increasing infections and hospitalizations that strained health care systems. Across Europe, countries have been re-introducing restrictions to get ahead of a virus that has rampaged across the globe, […]

‘We just want blue skies’: Armenians, Azerbaijanis plead for peace as third ceasefire violated – National

Irina Safrayan, 23, awoke the morning of Sept. 27 to the sounds of heavy artillery, and her apartment building in Hadrout, located within the Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Oblast, shook from ongoing shelling nearby. Amidst the chaos, she crammed her passport and money into a red backpack and fled, managing to escape with her sister and […]