Stowaway cat attacks pilot on passenger flight, forcing emergency landing – National

Pilots on a Qatar-bound flight were forced to make an emergency landing due to an unwelcome cat in the cockpit last month in what was reportedly a very hairy situation for the crew. The Tarco Airlines flight was en route from Sudan to Qatar on Feb. 25 when a cat came out of hiding […]

Women forced off Qatar Airways flight for ‘invasive’ exam and strip search – National

WARNING: This story contains details some may find disturbing. Please read at your own discretion. More than a dozen Australian women were reportedly marched off a Qatar Airways flight, strip-searched and given an invasive medical exam of their genitalia in an incident that has been condemned as sexist, humiliating and grossly inappropriate. The searches […]

Long-awaited peace talks between Afghanistan, Taliban officially begin in Qatar – National

The opening ceremony for talks between the Afghan government and Taliban insurgents began in Qatar’s capital Doha on Saturday, marking the start of negotiations aimed at ending two decades of war that has killed tens of thousands of combatants and civilians. The 19-year conflict is also the United States’ longest overseas military action, vexing […]

Coming weeks may see progress in negotiations over rift between Qatar and other Gulf states – World

There could be some progress within weeks in resolving a three year-long rift between Gulf Arab states, a senior United States State Department official said on Wednesday, citing signs of “flexibility” in negotiations. The dispute dates from 2017 when the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt imposed a boycott on Qatar, severing […]

Taliban say negotiating team in Qatar for Afghan peace talks

The Taliban’s negotiating team has arrived in Qatar, a spokesman said on Saturday, in a sign that long-delayed peace talks with the Afghan government are inching closer to starting. A date for the talks, to be hosted in Doha, has not been set but the warring sides have this week made signals that negotiations could […]

Qatar introduces major changes to labour law

ISLAMABAD: Qatar has introduced major changes to its labour market and has ended the requirement for migrant workers to obtain their employers’ permission to change jobs, thus becoming the first country in the region to adopt non-discriminatory minimum wage. The new law, coupled with the removal of exit permit requirements earlier in the year, effectively […]