Isaac Newton’s occult homework sells for US$500K — despite dog damage – National

The dog didn’t eat Isaac Newton‘s homework. It burned it. A scorched bundle of the famous scientist’s notes has sold for more than US$500,000 at auction, despite a bit of fire damage caused by his pyro pooch. The so-called “homework” was a collection of partially burned, unpublished notes that Newton wrote about the Great […]

Egypt finds more mummy priest coffins ‘sealed since ancient times’ – National

Archeologists recently dug up dozens of ancient mummy priests without bringing a curse down on their heads — so they’ve gone back and done it again. Egyptian authorities say they have unearthed dozens more mummies at an ancient necropolis in Saqqara, adding to the 59 sarcophagi they previously announced in early October. Each sarcophagus […]

Critics condemn Egyptian highway project through pyramid plateau – National

Critics say an Egyptian infrastructure project through an area south of Cairo could threaten pyramids in the region and mean undiscovered treasures may never be found. Two new highways are being constructed across a pyramid plateau, cutting through some of the most important ancient sites in the world. “It’s as though anywhere you dig […]