U.S. election: Trump says he doubts whether Supreme Court will hear election cases – National

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Sunday that it might be difficult to get his election fraud allegations heard before the U.S. Supreme Court, expressing doubt about his legal strategy as his hopes of overturning the Nov. 3 election dwindle. “The problem is it’s hard to get it to the Supreme Court,” Trump said in a telephone interview […]

Amid U.S. election turmoil, Canadians share praise for Elections Canada – National

Canadians watching a U.S. election often express a common topic of humourous envy and mild frustration — the fact American voters get “I Voted” stickers, while Canadians do not. But there appears to be little envy this year for any part of the American democratic process as Canadians and the world wait with bated […]

‘Bernie called it’: Sanders hailed for predicting election on ‘Fallon’ – National

Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders is being applauded for his foresight after he accurately forecasted the election uncertainty playing out in the United States. Sanders predicted last month that U.S. President Donald Trump would falsely claim victory while he was ahead on Election Day, only to see that lead evaporate as mail-in ballots tilted the […]

Facebook, Twitter will flag posts that prematurely declare victory in U.S. election – National

Social media companies Twitter and Facebook on Monday outlined plans for placing warning labels on posts from U.S. election candidates and campaigns that claim victory in advance of official results. The moves come as social network platforms brace for what has been an unusual election cycle due to a high number of mail-in ballots […]

Republican effort to toss 127K Houston votes fails a 2nd time in Texas court – National

A federal judge on Monday rejected another last-ditch Republican effort to invalidate nearly 127,000 votes in Houston because the ballots were cast at drive-thru polling centers established during the pandemic. The lawsuit was brought by conservative Texas activists who have railed against expanded voting access in Harris County, where a record 1.4 million early […]

Twitter, Facebook flag Trump’s suggestion mail-in ballot extension will ‘induce violence’ – National

Twitter and Facebook on Monday flagged a tweet from U.S. President Donald Trump that baselessly suggested extending state deadlines for receiving mail-in ballots past Election Day will “induce violence in the streets.” Twitter hid Trump’s tweet, posted a day before the U.S. election, behind a notice saying “some or all” of its content “is […]

‘It could be a mess’: Why U.S. election results could be delayed days or weeks – National

As the U.S. election nears, Americans and people all over the world are waiting with bated breath to see whether it will be four more years of President Donald Trump, or if former vice-president Joe Biden will be elected to the country’s highest office. However, experts say we might not have all of the […]

U.S. election: Millions of mail-in ballots not yet returned in battleground states – National

Just days before the presidential election, millions of mail ballots have yet to be returned in key battleground states, and election officials warn that time is running out for voters who want to avoid a polling place on Election Day. At least 35 million mail ballots had been returned or accepted as of early […]

U.S. election: More than 70M Americans have cast their ballots early – National

More than 70 million Americans have cast ballots in the U.S. presidential election, more than half the total turnout of the 2016 election with one week to go until Election Day, according to a Tuesday tally from the U.S. Elections Project. The tally, which shows a record-breaking pace that could lead to the highest […]

U.S. election: Americans in Canada increasingly being counted in presidential race – National

Soon Jenny Wiebe will drive from her Fredericton home to the Maine town where she was born, to retrieve the mail-in ballot her parents are holding for her. The 55-year-old dual Canadian-U. S. citizen said she hasn’t decided how she will exercise her franchise in the historic Nov. 3 American election. She may vote […]