Farmers in India thankful for Canadian support amid protest against bills

For the past three months, Upkaran Deep Singh has woken up inside his small tent perched on Singhu Border, one of India’s busiest highways just north of Delhi, and almost immediately picks up his phone. The 23-year-old farmer scrolls through social media looking for the latest updates, as well as any misinformation, on the […]

Indian farmers plan to block main expressway to mark 100th day of protests – National

Indian farmers who have been protesting for months against deregulation of produce markets plan to block a major expressway outside New Delhi on Saturday, the 100th day of their campaign, they said. Tens of thousands have been camped outside Delhi since December, demanding Prime Minister Narendra Modi repeal three farm laws that open up […]

Twitter to not fully comply with orders to ban accounts linked to Indian farmer protests – National

Twitter said on Tuesday it would not fully comply with orders from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government to take down some accounts amid the ongoing farmers’ protests, as it does not believe the orders are consistent with Indian law. It has permanently suspended some accounts but for others, it has only restricted access […]

B.C. man at centre of Indian police probe on alleged conspiracy involving Rihanna, Greta Thunberg

A B.C. man is defending his reputation after being hurled into the headlines of every major national news network in India on allegations that he says are absurd. Mo Dhaliwal is accused of being involved in an alleged international conspiracy to divide India with the help of celebrities like pop singer Rihanna and climate […]

Indian farmers plan to block highways across country for hours in next protest move – National

Tens of thousands of protesting Indian farmers plan to blockade highways across the country for three hours Saturday to press their demands for the repeal of new agricultural laws. Authorities deployed thousands of security forces mainly outside India’s capital, where farmers have camped at three main sites for more than two months. They say […]

Activists, journalists face social media crackdown amid Indian farmer protests – National

When Vinod K. Jose, executive editor of The Caravan, India’s leading investigating magazine, logged onto Twitter on Monday, he was shocked to find the magazine’s account blocked. Jose was already dealing with a case of sedition and other charges against him, the magazine owners and a freelance journalist. At the heart of the allegations […]

Indian farmers stage day-long hunger strike in protest against agricultural laws – National

Indian farmers taking part in more than two months of protest against new agriculture laws began a daylong hunger strike Saturday, as they sought to reaffirm the peaceful nature of their movement following recent violent clashes with police. Farmer leaders said the hunger strike was timed to coincide with the death anniversary of Indian […]

Why many British Columbians continue to protest India’s farm laws

The plight of farmers in India has been a deeply personal issue for many British Columbians. Many residents still have farms back in India that they co-own with family members and, for weeks, they have been protesting new laws in that country that they say will benefit big corporations and wreak havoc on the earnings […]

Indian farmers clash with police, face tear gas amid Republic Day protests – National

Indian farmers protesting against agricultural reforms breached barricades and clashed on Tuesday with police in the capital, who fired tear gas to restrain them, shortly after a convoy of tractors trundled through the city’s outskirts. Growers, angered by laws they say help large, private buyers at the expense of producers, have camped outside New […]

India’s top court suggests government delay farm laws at heart of protests – National

India’s Supreme Court on Thursday suggested that the government consider delaying implementation of new agricultural reform laws to restore a dialogue with tens of thousands of protesting farmers who say the legislation will drive down crop prices and devastate their earnings. Chief Justice S.A. Bobde also deferred a proposal by the court to set […]