Small plane hits SUV in dramatic video of highway emergency landing – National

Always check your blind spot. A Minnesota woman says she’s safe but still stunned after her SUV was struck by a small plane on the highway late Wednesday in a dramatic landing captured on video. The bizarre collision of land vehicle and aircraft occurred on Interstate 35W in Arden Hills, Minn., according to Minnesota […]

Biden condemns Trump supporters’ actions after campaign bus surrounded on Texas highway – National

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is condemning some Trump supporters in Texas for surrounding one of his campaign buses and trying “to run it off the road.” Read more: Trump holds rallies in battleground states as Biden focuses on Pennsylvania “We’ve never had anything like this. At least, we’ve never had a president who […]

Critics condemn Egyptian highway project through pyramid plateau – National

Critics say an Egyptian infrastructure project through an area south of Cairo could threaten pyramids in the region and mean undiscovered treasures may never be found. Two new highways are being constructed across a pyramid plateau, cutting through some of the most important ancient sites in the world. “It’s as though anywhere you dig […]