Coronavirus vaccine researchers ‘targeted’ by N.K., Russian hackers: Microsoft – National

Hackers working for the Russian and North Korean governments have targeted more than half a dozen organizations involved in COVID-19 treatment and vaccine research around the globe, Microsoft said on Friday. The software company said a Russian hacking group commonly nicknamed “Fancy Bear” – along with a pair of North Korean actors dubbed “Zinc” and “Cerium” […]

Russian hackers targeting dozens of state, local networks: U.S. – National

U.S. officials said Thursday that Russian hackers have targeted the networks of dozens of state and local governments in the United States in recent days, stealing data from at least two servers. The warning, less than two weeks before the election, amplified fears of the potential for tampering with the vote and undermining confidence […]

Russian hackers increase targeting of U.S. political groups: Microsoft – National

The same Russian military intelligence outfit that hacked the Democrats in 2016 has attempted similar intrusions into the computer systems of more than 200 organizations including political parties and consultants, Microsoft said Thursday. Those efforts reflect a broader increase in targeting of U.S. political campaigns and related groups, the company said. “What we’ve seen […]

Biden campaign firm targeted by Russian hackers, no breach detected: sources

A person familiar with the strategy and communications firm’s response to the attempts said the hackers failed to gain access to the firm’s networks.