India expands its COVID-19 vaccine rollout amid rise in new cases – National

India is expanding its COVID-19 vaccination drive beyond health care and front-line workers, offering the shots to older people and those with medical conditions that put them at risk. Among the first to be inoculated on Monday was Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Those now eligible to be vaccinated include people older than 60, as […]

COVID-19 lockdowns or spring break: provinces split on next steps against pandemic – National

Canada’s COVID-19 hotspots showed diverging approaches to handling the crisis on Sunday, as Ontario and Prince Edward Island prepared for new lockdowns while Quebec entered a week of spring break complete with some activities meant to ease the monotony of life during a global pandemic. Prince Edward Island announced it was entering a 72-hour […]

U.S. approves Johnson & Johnson 1-shot COVID-19 vaccine – National

The U.S. is getting a third vaccine to prevent COVID-19, as the Food and Drug Administration on Saturday cleared a Johnson & Johnson shot that works with just one dose instead of two. Health experts are anxiously awaiting a one-and-done option to help speed vaccinations, as they race against a virus that already has […]

Health officials urge COVID-19 restrictions to be maintained as variant cases mount – National

Public health officials have identified upwards of 700 cases of contagious COVID-19 variants across Canada, the nation’s top doctor said Saturday, a finding she said lends new urgency to her calls to maintain personal COVID-19 precautions. Individual actions in conjunction with strong public health measures will be key to halting the spread of the […]

PHAC monitoring reports of 2 COVID-19 variants merging into heavily mutated hybrid – National

Canada’s public health agency says it’s monitoring reports of two COVID-19 variants — first thought to have originated in the U.K. and California — combining to make one heavily-mutated hybrid. “We are aware of the reports coming out of California about the combination of two variants of the coronavirus and are closely monitoring the […]

Daily COVID-19 infections stabilize in some provinces as national cases surpass 825K – National

Ontario unveiled plans to expand its COVID-19 vaccination rollout to more target groups on Sunday ahead of an expected boost in nationwide shipments of the Pfizer vaccine that could lend ammunition to the provinces’ fights against the spread of contagious variants. The Ontario government reported Sunday that all long-term care residents across the province […]

Israel reports 94% drop in symptomatic COVID-19 cases with Pfizer vaccine: study – National

Israel‘s largest healthcare provider on Sunday reported a 94 per cent drop in symptomatic COVID-19 infections among 600,000 people who received two doses of the Pfizer’s vaccine in the country’s biggest study to date. Health maintenance organization (HMO) Clalit, which covers more than half of all Israelis, said the same group was also 92 […]

Japan approves its 1st coronavirus vaccine, set to begin inoculations within days – National

Japan on Sunday formally approved its first COVID-19 vaccine and said it would start nationwide inoculations within days, but months behind the U.S. and many other countries. Japan’s health ministry said it had approved the vaccine co-developed and supplied by Pfizer Inc. The announcement comes after a government panel on Friday confirmed that final […]

Coronavirus may linger for years, but could change into mild annoyance: experts – National

What if COVID-19 never goes away? Experts say it’s likely that some version of the disease will linger for years. But what it will look like in the future is less clear. Will the coronavirus, which has already killed more than 2 million people worldwide, eventually be eliminated by a global vaccination campaign, like […]

Coronavirus: Chinese whistleblower doctor honoured on anniversary of his death – National

The message was tucked into a bouquet of chrysanthemums left by a mourner at the back of Wuhan Central Hospital to honor a Chinese whistleblower doctor who died from the coronavirus a year ago. It was simply the number of a Bible verse: Matthew 5:10. “Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, […]