Trump fires top U.S. security official for not backing false claims of election fraud – National

U.S. President Donald Trump fired his administration’s top cybersecurity official Tuesday for daring to repeatedly insist there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud or technical glitches in the presidential race. In a tweet, Trump said Christopher Krebs — director of the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) — has […]

Almost 90K sex abuse claims filed against Boy Scouts as bankruptcy deadline looms – National

Close to 90,000 sexual abuse claims have been filed against the Boy Scouts of America as the Monday deadline arrived for submitting claims in the organization’s bankruptcy case. The number far exceeds the initial projections of lawyers across the United States who have been signing up clients since the Boy Scouts filed for bankruptcy […]

Boris Johnson claims he’s ‘bursting with antibodies’ while in coronavirus self-isolation – National

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he is following through on an order to self-isolate despite being “bursting with antibodies” after recovering from the coronavirus earlier this year. Johnson, who was seriously ill with the virus in April, insisted in a Twitter video that he feels as “fit as a butcher’s dog” after being […]

U.S. military voters fear they’ve been drawn into unsubstantiated election fraud claims – National

Even before U.S. Attorney General William Barr issued a memo that authorized federal prosecutors across the country to investigate “substantial allegations” of voting irregularities if they exist, the Justice Department had already begun looking into two specific allegations. One was a claim from the Trump campaign that thousands of people may have improperly voted. […]

Russia claims its coronavirus vaccine ‘Sputnik V’ 92% effective – National

Russia says its Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine is 92 per cent effective at protecting people from COVID-19 according to interim trial results, as the global race for a vaccine accelerates to help end the pandemic that has claimed more 1.26 million lives worldwide. Read more: Ottawa preparing to hire COVID-19 vaccine distributors for early possible […]

Bolsonaro claims ‘victory’ as Chinese coronavirus vaccine trial halted in Brazil – National

Brazil‘s health regulator has suspended a clinical trial for China‘s Sinovac coronavirus vaccine citing a severe adverse event, delighting President Jair Bolsonaro, who has criticized it for lacking credibility amid growing geopolitical tensions as the global race for a COVID-19 vaccine continues. Brazil‘s health regulator, Anvisa, said on Tuesday that its decision to suspend […]

Oil prices rise after Trump falsely claims victory in U.S. election – National

Oil prices rose nearly three per cent on Wednesday after U.S. President Donald Trump falsely claimed victory in a tight U.S. election with millions of votes still to be counted and the final result not yet clear. A victory by Trump is viewed as bullish for oil because of sanctions on Iran and his support for Saudi-led OPEC oil cuts to support prices. […]

Top Trump advisor Stephen Miller wants more countries to field U.S. asylum claims – National

One of U.S. President Donald Trump’s top priorities on immigration if he wins a second term would be to use agreements with Central American governments as models to get countries around the world to field asylum claims from people seeking refuge in the United States, a top adviser said. Stephen Miller, a key architect […]

North Korea claims dust from China carries coronavirus, warns people to stay inside – National

North Korea has warned its citizens to stay indoors, saying seasonal yellow dust blowing in from China might carry the new coronavirus into the country. “As the new coronavirus infections continue to spread around the world, the need to deal with the yellow dust and take thorough measures has become more critical,” North Korea’s […]

Fact check: A look at claims by Trump, Biden at final U.S. presidential debate – National

The facts took a hit right out of the gate Thursday night. U.S. President Donald Trump’s first line of the night, about COVID-19 deaths, was false and set the tone as he and Democratic rival Joe Biden unleashed a torrent of claims in their last presidential debate. Trump misrepresented the reality of the pandemic […]