Britain announces plan for ‘quantum leap’ in relations with India amid COVID-19 surge – National

Britain said Tuesday it’s agreed to increase co-operation with India in areas including trade, science and health as Indian authorities battle a surge in coronavirus infections that threatens to overwhelm the nation’s health care system. Plans for a “quantum leap” in relations between the two countries were released after a video meeting between British […]

U.K. eyes phone app for COVID-19 vaccine passport – National

Britain plans to use a National Health Service phone app as its COVID-19 ‘vaccine passport‘ certificate that will allow its population to travel internationally this summer, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said on Wednesday. Countries around the world are looking at a host of options that will serve as proof of COVID-19 vaccinations to allow […]

U.K. sees 60% drop in COVID-19 cases due to vaccines, lockdown – National

The U.K.’s COVID-19 vaccination program is beginning to break the link between infection and serious illness or death, according to the latest results from an ongoing study of the pandemic in England. Researchers at Imperial College London found that COVID-19 infections dropped about 60 per cent in March as national lockdown measures slowed the […]

Violence continues in Northern Ireland over rising Brexit tensions – National

Young people set a hijacked bus on fire and hurled gasoline bombs at police in Belfast in at least the fourth night of serious violence in a week in Northern Ireland, where Britain’s exit from the European Union has unsettled an uneasy political balance. People also lobbed bricks, fireworks and gasoline bombs Wednesday night […]

Wall of hearts highlights bereaved U.K. families’ push for COVID-19 inquiry – National

The wall is hundreds of metres long and sits directly opposite the British Houses of Parliament in London. Yet, campaigners are unsure if it’s large enough to illustrate the memories of the British victims of COVID-19. Beginning last Monday, March 29, members of the group COVID-19 Bereaved Families for Justice UK (CBFJU) started painting […]

Pub landlords might ask drinkers for COVID-19 vaccine certification, U.K.’s Johnson says – National

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson suggested on Wednesday that some pubs might require customers to produce COVID-19 vaccine certificates, an idea that he had previously deemed unlikely. Almost 29 million people have received their first vaccine dose in Britain already in the fastest rollout in Europe, and there have been calls to open up […]

U.K.-EU battle over vaccine supplies heats up, export ban looms – National

Britain on Monday demanded the European Union allow the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines it has ordered as tensions over a possible export ban on EU-manufactured shots mounted and Brussels pointed an accusing finger at drugmaker AstraZeneca. “The UK is not to blame. The EU is not to blame,” said an EU official. “It’s about […]

U.K.’s post-Brexit ambitions will start at home, PM Johnson says – National

Britain’s push to reinvent its role on the world stage after Brexit must begin with strengthening the union between its home nations, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Sunday, promising to spread investment across the country. The government will on Tuesday publish a long-awaited review of foreign policy, defence, security and aid spending, described […]

U.K. speeds up COVID-19 vaccinations, aims to have all adults receive 1st dose by July 31 – National

The British government announced Sunday that it aims to give every adult in the country a first dose of coronavirus vaccine by July 31, a month earlier than its previous target. The new target also aims for everyone over 50 or with an underlying health condition to get a vaccine shot by April 15, […]

British PM to press Trudeau, G7 leaders on increasing funding for COVAX facility – National

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will host Justin Trudeau and their G7 counterparts for a virtual leaders’ summit today aimed at bringing renewed momentum to COVID-19 vaccine distribution. Johnson will be calling on G7 leaders to increase their funding for the COVAX Facility, which aims to distribute vaccines to poorer countries. Johnson confirmed Britain […]