Israel approves Bahrain normalization deal, set to establish ‘peaceful, diplomatic’ ties – National

The Israeli Cabinet approved the normalization deal with the Arab Gulf state of Bahrain on Sunday, a week after the two countries agreed to establish formal diplomatic ties. The deal next requires ratification by the Knesset, Israel’s 120-seat parliament. A date for that vote has not yet been set. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office […]

Israel strikes Gaza after facing rocket attacks during peace deal signing in U.S. – National

The Israeli military struck Hamas militant sites in the Gaza Strip early Wednesday in response to rocket fire toward Israel the previous night that coincided with the signing of normalization agreements between Israel and two Arab countries at the White House. The barrage against Israel began Tuesday night just as the ceremony in Washington […]

Bahrain to allow Israel flights to UAE over its airspace

Bahrain will allow “all flights coming to and departing from the United Arab Emirates” to cross through the island kingdom’s airspace — a statement apparently allowing Israeli flights after neighboring Saudi Arabia issued a similar announcement. The state-run Bahrain News Agency (BNA) made the announcement without directly naming Israel, just as Saudi Arabia had. However, […]