Two pigs briefly took over a police station in Pakistan earlier this week, forcing officers to evacuate the building while the porky pair ran amok indoors.

The incident happened in the city of Moro in Pakistan’s Sindh province, according to the Pakistan-based Express Tribune and The Current news outlets.

It was not immediately clear where the pigs came from, or how long they spent wallowing in their victory over the police.

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Authorities ultimately enlisted help from some locals to retake the station, broadcaster ARY News reports.

The anti-pig posse drove out one of the animals and restrained the other, according to the station house officer.

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It was the latest in a years-long run of bizarre wild pig stories, as the animals have become an increasingly challenging problem in many parts of the world.

The hefty, hungry and intelligent animals often band together and can cause havoc in urban and rural settings.

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Last year, for example, a wild boar wandered into a German nudist park and snatched a naked man’s laptop bag, touching off a bizarre chase that one bystander captured on camera.

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Wildlife officials in Alberta, Saskatchewan and neighbouring U.S. states have also struggled with the threat of wild pigs, which can ruin farmland and spread disease to valuable livestock.

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Denmark addressed a similar problem in 2019 by trotting out a border wall with Germany.

Wild pigs are also a widespread nuisance in the city of Hong Kong, where they feast on garbage and frighten citizens with their tremendous size.

Police in Pakistan did not say how the two swine managed to break into their station in the first place — but perhaps they can get the captured pig to squeal.

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